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Zheo Lab’s Collaboration With The Putrajaya Health Office in Conjunction With The National Counseling Month Celebration Program & World Mental Day.

The Putrajaya District Health Office organized the National Counseling Day and the World Mental Day celebration on 30 October 2021. The program aims to share opinions and provide mental support to the community. The Movement Control Order throughout our country due to the Covid-19 pandemic has significantly affected most people’s mental health. Zheo Lab expresses its deepest concerns to those who are affected mentally or physically due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

In recognition of the front liners’ work in ensuring the health and safety of the community, Zheo Lab donated Covid-19 kits as souvenirs to the program’s participants. The kits include perfume hand sanitizer, anti-bacteria fabric spray, and EDP Perfume produced by Zheo Lab. This contribution signifies our company’s strong supports for such a program as organized by the Putrajaya District Health Office, as it will provide a lot of exposure and mental support to those affected.

With this contribution, it would hope that Zheo Lab would help the Putrajaya District Health Office’s program a success. We are very grateful to be given the opportunity to participate with the government agency, which is also a frontline organization that has contributed a lot to the country.

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