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Zheo Lab’s Collaboration With The Putrajaya Health Office in Conjunction With The National Counseling Month Celebration Program & World Mental Day.

The Putrajaya District Health Office organized the National Counseling Day and the World Mental Day celebration on 30 October 2021. The program aims to share opinions and provide mental support to the community. The Movement Control Order throughout our country due to the Covid-19 pandemic has significantly affected most people’s mental health. Zheo Lab expresses its deepest concerns to those who are affected mentally or physically due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

In recognition of the front liners’ work in ensuring the health and safety of the community, Zheo Lab donated Covid-19 kits as souvenirs to the program’s participants. The kits include perfume hand sanitizer, anti-bacteria fabric spray, and EDP Perfume produced by Zheo Lab. This contribution signifies our company’s strong supports for such a program as organized by the Putrajaya District Health Office, as it will provide a lot of exposure and mental support to those affected.

With this contribution, it would hope that Zheo Lab would help the Putrajaya District Health Office’s program a success. We are very grateful to be given the opportunity to participate with the government agency, which is also a frontline organization that has contributed a lot to the country.

Zheo Lab Joins Flood Aid Mission Around Klang Valley.

Bangi, 20 December 2021 –  Zheo Lab (M) Sdn Bhd has participated in helping flood victims caused by rain in the Klang Valley and Hulu Langat areas. The first location that has been assisted is around Jenderam, Selangor today to assist more than 50 affected houses there.
Assistance is provided in the form of drinking water, toiletries, towels and so on to reduce the burden of the affected victims.
Pn. Hanita Sayuti, Founder of Zheo Lab, said the effort was to reduce the burden of those affected by the disaster. He also stated that this is an initiative of Zheo Lab to provide community service assistance to the local community.
The distribution process is the first phase of this flood relief and will continue in several other affected areas around the Klang Valley and Hulu Langat affected by the floods.
Representatives of Zheo Lab involved in this mission remain mindful of the SOPs set to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 outbreak and ensure safety is always a priority during this flood.

Zheo Lab Extends a Helpful Hand to Flood-Stricken Victims.

Zheo Lab continues to support flood victims by providing support to flood-affected areas in Lembah Klang and Hulu Langat to assist them in regaining their strength.

Zheo Lab headed to Kampung Sri Puchong, Pekan Dengkil, and Kampung Labohan Dagang, Banting in collaboration with non-governmental organisations such as Group Team Resque Gerilla Sungai Besar and Persatuan Alumni MITIB to assist six families. Nearly 15 vehicles, including two water tanker trucks, were involved in the mission, and a total of 40 volunteers participated in helping those affected.

Each affected family was supplied with necessities such as a mattress, blanket, pillow, towel, mop, floor cleaning detergent, dish soap, and laundry detergent, as well as Zheo Lab products such as Rawdah Spray, Llama Mist, and Hand Gel Sanitiser. Additionally, Zheo Lab lent water jets to several families needing assistance in cleaning their impacted homes.

The mission started with the handover of goods for Puchong and Dengkil area. It then continued in Banting for the handover of goods and the house cleaning process because this area is still bad due to floods and requires a lot of workforces to clean the house area. As a result of the cooperation of all parties, six houses in Banting are thoroughly cleaned by the team.

Zheo Lab began its first flood relief mission on December 20 in Bangi Lama and Jenderam, Selangor, by distributing essential things, including mineral water, toiletries, and towels, to nearly 50 families. The team also helped in providing internal support by encouraging the flood victims.

Zheo Lab extends its condolences to those affected by the floods, and we want to assist them in any way we can, especially now that the waters have receded and it is time to rebuild. We would like to thank all NGOs who collaborated with us to carry out this critical flood relief effort. We wish that all afflicted areas may quickly recover.

Even though a huge amount of assistance has been supplied to affected communities, much more has to be accomplished. Zheo Lab will continue its flood relief mission in Selangor in the coming weeks, assisting those affected by the flooding.

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