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Car Perfume Bottle

Capacity: 10ml

Material: Glass &Wooden cap

Dark brown/black rope

Some of us love getting behind the wheel, but let’s face it, sometimes it can be such a dreadful encounter. Don’t you just hate it if you get stuck in traffic for hours? You’re going to have to do everything possible to maintain your composure on the road. Well, have no fear! As your go-to car perfume supplier in Malaysia, Zheo Lab is here to the rescue!
Our car fragrance might be teeny-tiny, but it offers long-lasting results:
– Bad odors are no longer an issue! You don’t have to worry about the confined nature of your car interior.
– You will always be in a good mood! The right scent would certainly keep you nausea-free throughout the ride.
Not even a single car perfume supplier in Malaysia can ever compete with the top-notch quality of Zheo Lab products. Get one for yourself and feel the difference right away!

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