Embossed Glass Candle Jar Container


The Embossed Exclusive Glass Candle Jar comes with a cover to retain the candle aroma longer. Other artisan skincare products such as lotions, balms, scrubs, and other handcrafted skincare products can be stored in this jar as well. The exclusive jar looks are suitable for home decor.

Diameter: 7cm

Height: 9cm

Material: High-quality embossed glass jar with a leak-proof cover.

Variation Colour: Red, Purple, Orange, White & Black

*Product colour might slightly different due to lighting

Zheo Lab is a certified glass candle jar manufacturer that offers ace quality glass candle jars. One of our best-selling candle jars is the embossed glass jar. Aside from being reusable, these jars are durable, and able to withstand heat for a long period of time as they have been tempered and strengthened. Our embossed glass candle jars come with beautiful, solid, and 100% leak-proof lids to retain the fragrance of your favourite Zheo Lab candles for an extended period. These exclusively designed glass candle jars are perfect for home decor and office spaces. Our glass candle jars also come in gorgeous shades of red, purple, orange, white, and black for you to choose from. So go ahead and choose any of these from Malaysia’s leading glass candle jar manufacturer for your storing needs today—or all five colours! We won’t judge.

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