– Suitable for 10ml perfume car bottle.
– Plain perfume car box.
– Length x Width x Height : 5cm x 2.5cm x 6cm

Adding an air freshener to your vehicle is undoubtedly a nice way to ensure a pleasant drive. However, if the interior gets overheated due to excessive exposure to sun rays, the air freshener might be at risk of evaporating too soon. As a responsible car perfume bottle supplier in Malaysia, Zheo Lab is aware of what needs to be done to preserve the longevity of such products. We present our very own air freshener box! Made especially for 10 ml car perfumes, this type of packaging is the only one of its kind in the country. With the box, less air would get close to your perfume, and as a result, it would be less vulnerable to oxidation. On top of that, its chemical composition isn’t going to be jeopardized either because the box keeps it away from lights. For the best car perfume bottle supplier in Malaysia, choose Zheo Lab!

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