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Hand-poured in Malaysia

50g (wax nuts)
70g (wax bar in clamp shell)
130g (wax nuts)

The fragrance used is our own blend signature and ready use fragrance.

We only use premium ingredients to make your room with the wonderful smell

Soy, palm, paraffin wax
Fragrance oil
Essential oil
Candle colour

The scent throws up to 8 hrs, you may add different scented wax to make your own blend as well.

Scent option:
1. Summer Breeze – Tuberose, magnolia, vanilla
2. Fresh Sandalwood – sandalwood
3. Milky Vanilla – Sweet gourmand
4. Raspberry Lychee – Sweet fruity
5. Manggo Butter – Fruity gourmand
6. Tropical Paradise – Fresh floral
7. Northern Light – Fresh aqua
8. Warm Vanilla Sugar – inspired by BBW
9. Honeydew – Sweet fruity
10. Extremely Coffee – Gourmand
11. Romantic Rose – Sweet floral
12. Calming Lavender – Sweet floral
13. Rawdah (Mecca scent) – Sweet woody musky
14. English pear & freesia – Inspired by Jo Malone, fruity floral
15. Lemongrass/Serai Wangi (spa scent) – fresh spicy
16. Lovely Rose – sweet floral
17. Cupcake – Sweet gourmand
18. Bakhoor – woody (oud)
19. Strawberry Chocolate – fruity gourmand
20. Sakura Blossom – floral powdery

Candle Fragrance

Bakhoor, Calming Lavender, Cupcake, English Pear & Freesia, Extremely Coffee, Fresh Sandalwood, Green Forest, Honey Dew, Lemongrass, Lovely Rose, Mango Butter, Milky Vanilla, Northern Light, Pear & Freesia, Poison Girl, Romantic Rose, Sakura Blossom, Sugar Plum, Summer Breeze, Sweet Lychee, Tropical Paradise, Warm Vanilla Sugar


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